Fire Damage Restoration

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  • Fire damage cleanup
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  • Restoration

  • Even with the most advanced fire prevention measures in your home, an accident could happen causing a fire that could leave you with thousands of dollars in losses. When this happens, what follows is a series of questions on how you can be able to recover all that you lost and more queries on if there is any hope of your home being habitable again. Often times home owners have to make separate attempts to contact different companies to deal with the fire control, the cleanup process, the insurance claims, and the fire restoration process among so many other things. After having gone through losses due to fire damage, one can only imagine how difficult it is to address these multiple things.


    One company that understands what every home owner in this situation needs is J. Powell Construction. Having served numerous clients for over 5 decades, this company knows how to ease the burden for home owners who are in the process of restoring their homes after fire damage. J. Powell Construction is a cut above the rest with its exclusive service package that comprises of claims processing in liaison with insurance companies, cleanup of your home after a fire, and ensuring that all safety measures have been undertaken to prevent inhalation of toxic fumes and smoke.


    Without proper guidance on how to follow up on insurance claims for fire restoration, home owners can easily be cheated out of their rightful compensation and as such they risk ending up with lower value for their homes than before the fire breakout. J. Powell Construction expertly and keenly works with all its clients through the claims processing so that every home owner is compensated as they rightfully should. You need not understand the jargon in the insurance paperwork because this company will leave its experts to do it for you.


    Other than fire itself being a danger to you, your family, and your home, many other things in your premises can endanger you without your knowing. What J. Powell Construction does is to carefully assess potential dangers in your home that may still exist once the fire has been put out. Burnt paint, metals, and other materials left lying around in your home could still emit toxic fumes and other dangerous gases which once inhaled can severely affect your health. On assessment of your site, the fire restoration experts will remove all these threats leaving you with a home that is risk-free.

    Another concern a homeowner will most likely have after a fire breakout is on the earliest time that you will be able to move back into your house. With all the insurance paper work to be filled out, cleaning, and hiring of contractors and subcontractors all waiting to be done, it may take several weeks and at times months before you can move back home. This is never good news for a home owner and understandably, J. Powell Construction sees to it that its clients never have to be kept out of their homes any longer than they should. With all under one roof services, this company is able to co-ordinate all cleanup, reconstruction, repair, and replacement of all lost personal items within the shortest time. We will always deliver a meticulous fire restoration job so that you can forget about the fire that happened.


    Professional restores such as J. Powell Construction have unrivalled experienced in the fire restoration industry. Top among the benefits that come with this experience is vast knowledge on precise costs of restoring or repairing each part of damage that is accounted for in your home. With insurance companies often being out to make the least possible payout to their clients, a home owner who does not liaise with a professional fire restoration company risks accepting lower compensation only to be left with a lower than estimated restoration budget. The credibility of experienced fire restoration companies gives a home owner a better negotiating chance with the insurance company so that their restored home can be exactly or even better than before.

    J. Powell Construction is the company that will work for you to prevent further fire breakout in your home. Although a fire may have been put out in your home, a few sparks hidden under burnt property may easily re-ignite thus starting another fire. Fire restoration experts are the only ones who are well trained and rightly equipped to sift through the ruble of your burnt home to completely clear out any of these sparks. As these experts work on restoring your home, they will also take preventive measures to protect your home from other damages that may occur as a result of the fire. The contractors here will replace any damaged piping or plumbing that is damaged to prevent any added water leakages in your home.


    Fire restoration in your home doesn’t only include repair of personal property. Fire restorers are also trained to remove liquid and smoke that is accumulated during the fire. When left to soak, water that is used to clear out the fire becomes a breeding ground for mold and gives room for damage to walls and roof along with entire indoor and outdoor surfaces. J. Powell Construction completely removes all water from your home and deodorizes your indoor space to remove all traces of smoke. Once you are able to move into your home you will then not be inconvenienced by odors of moisture and soot.

    As a leading fire restoration company in Chicago, Illinois, J. Powell Construction prides itself in its recognized certifications proving the qualifications of its staff. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited company with an A+ rating along with our working with different recognized associations roofing and waterproofing and foundation repair contractors. Before restoring your home, we will assess the site to know the extent of damage that was caused by the fire and then we can determine the best way to recover your home and your personal property.


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