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    In some regions, seasonal floods cause havoc when water intrudes into commercial and residential properties. In other cases, flooding occurs after fire breakouts or when there is damage to water supply systems. In any case, water damage is as dangerous as any other hazard that can occur at home or in the office space. Water restoration services are ideal for cleanup of flood water in indoor spaces and for immediate restoration of buildings and personal property.

    In the event of a flood, the most important step that should be taken is the draining of water from a site before further restoration can be done. Without any expertise and without any of the appropriate equipment to drain massive amounts of water, a home owner cannot do much to save their property and their home before secondary damage occurs as a result of flooding. Water restoration services from J. Powell Construction are available on immediate call and with all adequate equipment and staff to do cleanup in your home, there will be no concern of mold of mildew forming up and causing worse damage to your home.


    Evacuation of people and property is another step that must be taken after flooding occurs be it from bad weather or from leaking or burst water pipes. Since costs of alternative and temporary storage being unpredictable and often very high, J. Powell Construction provides assistance with storage for your personal property along with recovery and restoration of your furnishings and electronics. With our experienced group of professionals in water restoration, we will be on site to evacuate your home within 24 hours and save you the trouble of moving your property on your own.

    If your home is covered by insurance, you will be liable to compensation for the damages and losses that result from water leakage or flooding. Insurance cover extends beyond your home furnishings to dry wall replacement, reconstruction, and replacement of damaged materials. Our expertise at J. Powell Construction makes us the right group to consult when you need quality damage assessment to be done at your site and when you need your insurance claims to be filed in the best way to ascertain your chances of claim approval. We are able to provide your insurance company with the entire summary of damage and up to date costs for all repairs and replacements to restore your home to an even better state than before!

    Getting rid of mold and mildew is not easy. Once mold has grown in the walls in your home and in other areas of your property, you will definitely find it challenging to remove it completely. A consequent of water damage, mold presents a threat to your environment by putting you at risk of respiratory and other diseases that will affect you and your family’s health. We use industrial grade cleaners that are specifically manufactured to remove mold and prevent further spread in your home or office. Our cleaners and water restoration solutions for dealing with mold are approved by health experts for use in the home environment and are safe for your entire family.

    Is the source of water damage in your home unknown? Are you unaware of the source of water that is flooding your home? You need not be concerned because when you call to our water restoration experts, they will be able to examine the water in your home to give a ruling on the kind of contamination you are faced with. J. Powell Construction experts are trained to deal with different categories of water damage from pure uncontaminated flood water to water that is contaminated with fecal matter or chemicals and other hazardous contaminants. For each kind of water problem that you are dealing with, we will be able to provide the most appropriate restoration service and expertise. By using quality cleaners, we are able to clear out all bacterial deposits from your living space to prevent any waiting disasters.

    Only with complete drying can water restoration be effective. On your own and with little help, you may not be able to dry out your home in time to secure it. An advantage of hiring restorers is that they come in with high capacity water removal and drying machinery that will dry up all areas of your home in no time. With this capacity, professional water restoration companies reduce significantly the restoration budget that will be used to return your home to a livable condition. It also prevents the occurrence of further damage to your property in future as a result of extended exposure of building materials to moisture.

    J. Powell Construction guarantees you a follow-up inspection of your home even after restoration has been done. Inspection is done to test for mold, mildew, or fungi growth that may occur later on thus threatening your property once again. With special equipment and expertise, we check every section of your home to ascertain that you are no longer at threat of mold infestation. By offering this service to you, you will not be going back to your insurer to file for another claim for mold removal nor will you be paying from your own pocket for follow-up mold removal services.

    With our website, we make it easy for every home owner to make contact with our water restoration team. Getting in contact with us is as simple as visiting our website and filing in a free consultation form. We will contact you and on visiting your site we will give you an estimate of the budget for damage restoration as well as update you on the necessary repairs. To further make it easy for you, we will keep in constant communication with your insurance adjusters from the time of filing for your claim until you compensation is issued. Our 50+ years of service in the damage restoration industry enables us to offer all kinds of damage restoration including wind and hail damage restoration and fire restoration. We are an all under one roof restoration partner of choice!

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