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    One can never tell when bad weather will strike. Torn roofing, damaged gutters, and shingles are just some of the damages your home may be left with after a hail storm or heavy wind. Any kind of structural damage to your property can quickly escalate into a worse off situation if wind restoration experts are not called in perform the necessary repairs in good time. In order to protect your home and your family against cases of weather related emergencies, you should get in touch with a damage restoration company that offers emergency response and prompt service


    At J. Powell Construction, our concern isn’t just on repairing the damage to your home. We are concerned about making sure that all repairs leave your home looking as beautiful as before. That is why our wind restoration experts are well connected with various suppliers of building materials to ensure that each replaced part matches exactly to the existing materials used on your house. Our experts will work hard to get you matching siding, roofing, shingles, and any other parts and materials that will go towards repairing the outside of your house after wind or hail damage.

    Construction materials are expensive which is why home owners are often prepared under insurance cover for easy and stress free replacement and repairs after incidences such as wind damage, storms, or heavy rains. However as home owners know, insurance claims are never easily resolved due to back and forth delays by insurers who either delay compensation for wind damage repair or refuse to pay enough amounts for restoration. Our job at J. Powell Construction is to be the stand-in for home owners who are having trouble with filing their insurance claims. We only need you to make one call to your insurers and we will take care of the rest onwards.

    We at J. Powell Construction are better equipped and prepared to fill in your insurance claims paper work and having dealt with various insurer adjusters over our 50 years of business, we know exactly how to file for insurance claims on behalf of our clients. We guarantee you a shorter period between the time we file the insurance claim and when you get compensated for the wind restoration job to be done at your home. We will save you the time and difficulty of understanding all the technical jargon that is found in all insurance paper work and we will protect you from further losses in unpaid claims that you may otherwise risk on applying for the claims all by yourself.

    Quality wind restoration comes only with the use of quality building materials. We at J. Powell Construction know this very well that is why in our service we have ensured partnership with only the best suppliers of building materials from roofing materials to other construction materials that will be needed to repair the wind damage in your home. Our contact list extends to international manufacturers who will always provide the best supplies to our restoration sites.

    Hiring a wind restoration company saves you time and gives you peace of mind knowing that the best job is being done. Can you imagine having to climb up to your roof to repair a ripped tile? A do-it-yourself attempt at wind restoration is not only difficult but it endangers you as you perform repairs without the appropriate safety gear. A wind restoration company that is hired at your site does not require any work from you. A company such as J. Powell Construction comes in with its own crew who are protected by insurance as well as by use of safety gear so that you do not incur further insurance costs on covering injuries at your site. Our work is done carefully and with proper organization to not only save you money but to restore your home in minimal time.

    Response to wind and hail damage must always be fast not only for safety purposes of human beings but for purposes of damage prevention on property. J. Powell Construction’s emergency response is immediate and assured for clients in the Chicago, Illinois area and for its environs. Since bad weather can strike on any day and at any time, we ensure that you can access our services at any time. Our emergency team is available to residential and commercial clients on 24 hour basis and on all days of the week. We are guaranteed to be at your home as soon as you need us and our wind restoration experts are fully trained to work under extreme conditions to get your home safe through the bad weather.

    Wind and hail damage can leave you with quite the mess. Broken windows, tiles, pieces of wood and other parts strewn all over your property require professional cleanup. J. Powell Construction isn’t just a repair company. We offer cleanup services for residential and commercial clients. We also take charge of the budget for your cleanup services for presentation to your insurance company so that you are not left to do the debris removal by yourself. We remove debris from everywhere including drainage and crawl spaces which may flood due to limited flow of water.

    We will perform a site assessment after wind damage to determine whether repairs and replacement can be done without necessitating a temporary relocation. We understand the frustration that home owners face following damage to their property during bad weather. As such, we always try to offer our wind restoration services with the least disruption to our clients. Do you still need to use your home or office despite the wind damage? Where it is possible, we will let you continue with life as normal as possible while keeping you completely safe during all repairs.

    J. Powell Construction is always on standby, ready to come to your aid. Extensive experience has led us to ‘see it all’. There is no wind restoration job that we cannot handle. For all kinds of damage restoration, trust our experts to deliver every time!

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